Saturday, 4 June 2011

leaves (46)

weeds- what a wrong word... arisen from our frustrations. This piece of land is not my garden, is theirs. They are simply plants that thwart my plans. I play God and I don't like it.

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kvennarad said...

On the other hand I am reminded of the story concerning an Anglican clergyman who was walking the lanes of his rural parish one day, when he came upon a cottage. In the cottage garden an old man was busying himself with a hoe, tidying the minuscule patches of bare ground between his flowers. The clergyman looked in wonder at the colours of the garden, the smooth lawn, the rainbow of flowers, the contrasting leaves of the apple-trees and acer. After a while he could not help but say:

"My word! Is it not a miracle what God, with a little help from us, can do in a garden!"

"True enough, Vicar," said the gardener, leaning on his hoe."Mind you... you should have seen the state it was in when it was just left to Him."

dana-maria said...

Thank you so much! You are a charming storyteller :)